International Journal of Environmental Science & Sustainable Development.

1Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development (ESSD) is a multidisciplinary journal that is devoted to propagating peer reviewed, original, high quality academic research papers. ESSD is designed for the publication of selected papers from IEREK conferences proceedings and individual academic articles that fall within our scope. ESSD's scope is intended for professionals and academic researchers in all fields of Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development, with significant advances and discoveries in all aspects, which can be used in real life and simulated applications for sustainable buildings, and cities, development, detection and measurement of environmental contaminants, and the assessment and validation of the impact of development that emerges instrumental techniques. ESSD welcomes practical application to an aspect of human endeavor, such as the preservation of the environment, health, waste disposal and seeks to offer solutions for environmental issues such as Renewable & Non Renewable Resources, Climate Change, and Social& Economic Issues.


Benefits of publishing in ESSD:

  • Enhancing your visibility, credibility, and continued integration
  • Unearth your work to an audience that is relevent and tailored just for you
  • Experts in the field who are part of the editorial team will handle your work
  • Receiving continuous feedback that will benefit you on the long run
  • Presenting your work in Open Access
  • Being part of and contributing to a whole research academic community

Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Green Architecture for a more Sustainable Environment

Issue 1


ESSD is pleased to anounce that the second issue of the journal will be released on the 15th of June 2017. 

ESSD takes distinct pride in being hailed as IEREK Press's first milestone towards propagating research and making it readily available to the masses.

Posted: 2017-02-15
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