Alessandro De Masi is Professor of Space Modeling Instruments, Drawing Instruments and Techniques at the Department ABC, Milan Polytechnic - School of Design. He also teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples (Virtual Architecture and Digital 3d Computer Modeling
Techniques) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (Digital Image Processing). He holds a Diploma of Architect (University of Naples 1999), an MSc in Real Engineering Projects (Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambrésis 2004) and a PhD in Survey and Representation of Architecture and in the Environment (II University of Naples 2002).
He has been teaching Representation of Architecture, Drawing, Architectural Survey, Urban and Environmental Survey in Milan Polytechnic - School of Architecture; Drawing at the Engineering Faculties of Trento, of Padova and Bologna; Drawing at the Faculty of Architecture of Naples; Representation Techniques at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome and Naples; Advanced Survey at the Faculty of Architecture of Trieste and Projective and Descriptive Geometry at the Venice University of IUAV. In addition, he taught Landscape Architecture at the University of Basilicata and Cultural Assets in Campania in the Master II Expert in management and economics of the cultural assets for the LUISS Management School of Business (Rome), Italian Ministry of University Scientific Research.
He have gained a significant experience on topics related to Cultural Heritage (CH) and its transfer into modernity both as an expert in the QSN 2007-2013, ICCD Communications Area, (SIGECWEB system) for the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism (MiBACT), and as a member of 19 research teams, since 2002, (UNESCO WHC, ICOMOS-CIPA, ICOMOS-ICIP) concerning new technologies applied to CH’s Communications and Fruition and Monument  
Documentation. He was appointed senior expert (2014-15) of the MiBACT   
for the “Network for the Governance of Cultural Policies 2012-15”  
concerning the events of emergency in Campania at the Crisis Unit Regional Coordination (UCCR) of the Regional Secretariat for Cultural and Landscape Heritage of the Campania Region. He has received contracts for research activities from the Superintendency for the B.A.P. for the Provinces of Salerno and Avellino (2015), the European University Center for Cultural Heritage (CUEBC) in collaboration with the DICEA Department of the Polytechnic School of the University of Naples Federico II and the MiBACT, the Department of Culture of the II University of Naples in the field of the Representation, management and enhancement of the Territory and Architecture, the Cataloging of CH.
He has received several fellowships from Second University of Naples and awards. The research entitled Campania Felix, Cultural Landscape and Governance of Rural Environments (2008) conducted for the International Research Team “Rural Vernacular Heritage 2007-2011”  
UNESCO WHC (France) has been inserted between Excellency in Italian Culture Award of the MiBACT. A large part of this research activity has been the subject of presentation at the Week of Italian Culture organized by MiBACT and reported in the Register of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Government.
Since 2010 he is Editor Advisory Board, Associate Editor, member of the Editorial Board, member of the Review Committee, and Editor-In-Chief of scientific journals. He is a member of the ICOMOS-ICIP Scientific Commission (USA) and member of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the WASET (USA), ATINER (Greece) and IEREK (Egyp).
He has been a Member of Program Committees, Scientific Committees and Rewiew of n. 111 international conferences established by ICOMOS-CIPA (Canada), the Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development, and ECLAS and other institutions. It has been included, for the period 2016-2020, in another 1780 scientific committees of international conferences.
He has published more than 76 scientific papers in peer reviewed international journals and conference proceedings. He is the author of the publication of the “Architettura Rurale tra Villa Literno e Carinola (Ce)”, edited by ALINEA Editrice, that has received both 17 moral and economic sponsorships (Council of Europe, Italian Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities, Campania Region) and the Nomination at the Prize Roberto Marrana - Banco di Napoli Foundation, the Denaro magazine (Italy).
His research interests focus on digital 3D modeling of CH, digital contemporary techniques for analysis and visualization of CH, representation and analysis system for CH and landscape, CH data acquisition and processing, GIS and information management for CH, landscape perception, mapping and representation of intangible landscape.