Management of The Heritage Sites
Management of The Heritage Sites

IEREK Workshop

  • 13, Dec / 15, Dec 2014
  • Alexandria, Egypt
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We – IEREK Institution – are proud of organizing a great workshop titled  “Management of Heritage Sites” which took place at Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt.

Professor Douglas Comer discussed the extensive investigation in the field of heritage management. Attendees from this workshop are prepared to:

  1. Enhance local, regional, and national sociological and scientific values.
  2. Encourage preservation and stewardship of cultural and natural heritage, archaeological site detection and modeling, and direct educational programs designed to derive maximum advantage from innovative technology without the loss of cultural identity and biodiversity.

This workshop was configured to allow individual students to emphasize areas of special interests such as mapping archaeological landscapes from space with multi-spectral and hyperspectral imagery.

“Management of Heritage Sites” offered both theoretical and practical coursework designed to prepare attendees to be leaders in the heritage management field.