Future Smart Cities (FSC) – 5th Edition
Future Smart Cities (FSC) – 5th Edition

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  • 01, Nov / 03, Nov 2022
  • Xiamen University, China
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Smart cities use information and communication technologies to improve operational efficiency, share information with the public, and improve the quality of government services and the well-being of citizens. Their mission is to enhance the functions of the city, thereby promoting economic growth and improving citizens' quality of life through the use of smart technology. Thus, overall resource consumption, waste, and total cost are reducedTherefore, awareness of the benefits of building smart cities should be promoted and executed around the world. Therefore, the recommendations and research discuss new proposals for the cities of the future, as well as the scope of the transformation of our city.

IEREK, understanding the importance of smart cities, has organized the 5th edition of the "Future Smart City" International Conference. A large number of researchers and stakeholders gather to discuss how building a smart city fosters sustainability and which challenges and concerns need to be considered when investing in services and infrastructure supporting the city to be more livable.

IEREK invites Policymakers, citizens, researchers, universities, businesses, and planners to discuss this topic, maximize the benefits of the conference, and present successful suggestions for future smart cities. 

Selected papers from this conference will be published in the IEREK Interdisciplinary series on "Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation" (ASTI) published by Springer and indexed in scopus. Other submissions will be published by IEREK Press.

Conference Topics
  • 1. Importance of Building Sustainable Smart Cities

    1.1 Understanding the Significance of Building Sustainable Smart Cities

    1.2 Creating Spaces for Technological, Social, and Business Development Through the Development of Smart Cities

    1.3 Security Enhancements from Building Smart Cities

    1.4 Environmental Benefits of Implementing Smart City Solutions

    1.5 The Well-being Benefits of Green Buildings in Smart Cities

  • 2. Computational Advancements in Future Smart Cities

    2.1 Big Analysis Data Impact on Smart Cities

    2.2 Role of Technology in Sustainable Development

    2.3 The Future of Cloud Computing

    2.4 Tendencies of Technologies and Platforms in Smart Cities

    2.5 Smart Home Management System

  • 3. Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities

    3.1 Renewable Energy and its Efficiency in Smart Cities

    3.2 Energy Efficiency and how it affects the Future of Urban Housing

    3.3 The Role of Smart Grids in Developing Sustainable Building Design

    3.4 Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities

    3.5 Developing Energy Efficiency Optimization Methods

  • 4. Key Components for Developing Smart Cities

    4.1 Concept of Interoperability as a Key to the Emerging Smart City

    4.2 Water-Efficient Infrastructure and Energy Conservation in Smart Cities

    4.5 Trends of Smart Transportation: Smart Parking and Traffic Management

    4.4 Technologies to Improve Emergency Management

    4.5 Development of Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development

  • 5. Challenges in Implementing Smart Cities

    5.1 Building the Infrastructure of a Smart City

    5.2 Revolutionizing Communications for Accurate Service Delivery in Smart Cities

    5.3 Data Security in Smart Cities: Challenges and Solutions

    5.4 Smart City Infrastructure Development Monitoring

    5.5 Smart Healthcare & Emergency management

Important Dates
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Abstract Submissions Deadline 04 May 2022
Last Notification for Abstract Acceptance 03 Jun 2022
Full Paper Submission Deadline 02 Aug 2022
Last Notification for Full-Paper Acceptance 01 Sep 2022
Early Payment Deadline 02 Aug 2022
Regular Payment Deadline 01 Sep 2022
Late Payment Deadline 01 Oct 2022
Letter of Visa (for delegates who need visa entry) 01 Sep 2022
Letter of Final Acceptance 01 Sep 2022
Conference Program 01 Oct 2022
Conference Launch 31 Oct 2022
Conference Venue

Xiamen University (XMU), China