Green Urbanism (GU) – 6th edition
Green Urbanism (GU) – 6th edition

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  • 29, Nov / 30, Nov 2022
  • Rome, Italy
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Green Urbanism is known as the process of designing new cities or developing already-existing ones to preserve resources, benefit humans, and reduce negative environmental impacts. Due to the increasing threats of global warming, gas emissions, and the diminishing of future energy resources, and as a result of the rapid increase in population, the world has decided to establish eco-friendly cities. 

The concept of Green Urbanism connects sustainable development techniques with urban planning to preserve future resources. By the integration of world organizations, researchers, urbanists, architects, and engineers, we can ensure the ability of the available resources to serve the increasing population, outlive the current environmental crisis, and establish eco-friendly urban cities.

Moreover, the world should pay more attention to the already-existing communities and try to maintain and preserve their identities through sustainable development plans. These communities should focus more on developing their cultural components and connecting their history with contemporary energy-production techniques. 

As per this, many world organizations have taken into their responsibility to spread the awareness of creating sustainable communities. IEREK, an old advocate of sustainable architecture and planning, has organized the 6th edition of its International Conference on "Green Urbanism" following the success of its previous five editions. The conference's goal is to help researchers and urbanists to integrate and share their experiences. Also, the Conference allows them to uncover the best sustainable solutions to integrate urbanism with the environment.

During the conference, several questions and problems will be addressed like how to balance urban development and environmental impacts. The Conference also tries to face the challenges of creating sustainable green communities by focusing on new techniques to organize the use of energy and natural resources. 

Following the success of the previous editions of "Green Urbanism," the 6th edition of the conference will be an opportunity to benefit from and exchange knowledge with experts in this field.

Selected papers of the conference will be published in a book series entitled Advances in Science, Technology, & Innovation (ASTI) by Springer. Other papers will be published by IEREK Press.

Conference Topics
  • 1. Principles of Green Urbanism

    1.1 The Evolution of Green Urbanism

    1.2 Formulating the Principles of Green Urbanism

    1.3. Urban Design for Nature, Conservation of Natural Resources

    1.4 Passive Designs: Green Buildings for Sustainable Use

    1.5 Green Districts: Bike, Cycles, and Pedestrians’ Corridors

    1.6 The Sense of Identity in Green Urban Cities

  • 2. Green Urbanism for a Greener Future

    2.1 Urban Growth of Developing Cities

    2.2 City Urban Form and Natural Resources

    2.3 Landscape, Gardens, Streetscapes, and Urban Biodiversity

    2.4 Urbanization of Rural Area: Energy, Water, and Food Security

    2.5 Urban Governance, Leadership, Best Practices, Research, and Awareness

    2.6 Green Buildings: Technologically Advanced and Environmentally Friendly

  • 3. Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Environment

    3.1 Green Infrastructure and Social Services

    3.2 Sustainable Freight Transport and Supply Chains

    3.3 Strategies of Urban Sustainable Public Transport

    3.4 Urban Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Sustainable Networks

    3.5. Innovation and Advancing in Urban Design

    3.6 Climate Responsive Architecture: Solar Architecture and

    Renewable Energies

  • 4. Improving and Strengthening Urban Performance

    4.1 Regeneration of the City Centre and Urban Transit Hubs

    4.2 Waste Management, Pollution, and Health Risks

    4.3 Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

    4.4 Effects of Sustainable Environments on Human Health

    4.5 Advancing Solutions towards Zero Waste Cities

    4.6 Zero-emission and zero-waste urban city design

  • 5. Transformation to Green Environment

    5.1. Green Initiatives for Sustainable Development

    5.2. Innovations and Technologies towards Built Environment

    5.3. Creative Environments: Sustainable Places of Living, Working, and Recreation

    5.4. Urban Ventilation: Confrontation of Heat Island Effect

    5.5 International Case Studies: Strategies for New Cities' Proposals in Developing Countries

    5.6 Sustainably Green Reconstruction and Preservation of Old Cities

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Abstract Submissions Deadline 01 Jun 2022
Last Notification for Abstract Acceptance 01 Jul 2022
Full Paper Submission Deadline 30 Aug 2022
Last Notification for Full-Paper Acceptance 29 Sep 2022
Early Payment Deadline 30 Aug 2022
Regular Payment Deadline 29 Sep 2022
Late Payment Deadline 29 Oct 2022
Letter of Visa (for delegates who need visa entry) 29 Sep 2022
Letter of Final Acceptance 29 Sep 2022
Conference Program 29 Oct 2022
Conference Launch 28 Nov 2022
Conference Venue

Rome, Italy