Parallelism in Architecture, Engineering & Computing Techniques - 4th Edition
Parallelism in Architecture, Engineering & Computing Techniques - 4th Edition

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  • 10, Oct / 11, Oct 2022
  • In collaboration with University of East London
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An International Conference from the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Due to the uncertainties and restrictions inflicted by the #COVID19 pandemic, and for everyone's safety following the Health Organization's recommendations, it is in everyone's interest to host the conference online. As pioneers of this movement, IEREK is proud to be hosting this conference online. IEREK believes that rather than giving in to this disease and stopping our progress, pushing forward is of utmost importance.

So, how can participating in an international Video Conference boost your career, future potentials, and experience?

  • Obtain an internationally accredited certification of participation which could boost your future academic career opportunities.
  • Save costs of travel & accommodation.
  • Discuss your research paper online with professors, stakeholders, and other authors (Online Oral Presentation).
  • Get the chance to publish your paper with Springer in the ASTI Book Series.
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About the PACT 4thEdition:

Consequent to the success of its previous editions in 2016, 2018, and 2020 the fourth edition of the ‘Parallelism in Architecture, Engineering & Computing Techniques’ conference will be held in collaboration with the University of East London (UEL) in London, United Kingdom.

This conference unveils the latest trends of architectural technologies and computational thinking as a way of improving the performance of computational design software in architectural and engineering discourses. In a fast-paced world and in light of recent technological advancements due to industrialization and globalization, the way we see the universe has changed. That being said, the conference will shed a light on the ways in which parallelism can be integrated into different architectural and computing dialogues through stimulating a discussion on topics of Complex Digital Fabrication, Augmented Reality, Intelligent Environments, Advanced Fabrication Technologies, Big Data and more.

Through an analysis of the representation of Parallelism, this conference will work towards revealing the relationship between the Environment, Architecture, and Computing Techniques. Through a set of diversified yet pertinent sessions, the conference will focus on:

  • Parallels in Access and the role of digital media, augmented reality and advanced graphics in the implementation of the architectural modern buildings.
  • Parallels in Algorithms as a key player in design and construction presenting applications of innovative techniques such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to solve complex issues.
  • Advanced Digital fabrication and Additive Manufacturing to make possible emerging design ideas once deemed impossible to execute.
  • The power of Big Data, its technologies and associated challenges, analytical methods and paradigm shift. 
  • Parallels in Construction: materiality and context.

This conference aims to explore the complexity that is embedded within the computation discourse under the theme of parallelism. Introducing world-renowned keynote speakers in the field, such as Patrik Schumacher during PACT of 2016 and Gabriele Sorrento in PACT of 2018, this conference will generate stimulating discussions led by experts in the field.

Conference Session Moderators:

Britta Knobel Gupta

Founding partner, Studio Symbiosis Architects, Stuttgart, Germany.

Amit Gupta

Founding Partner, Studio Symbiosis Architects, Delhi, India.

Elisa Magnini

Foresight and innovation specialist at Arup, UK.

Conference Topics
  • 1. Parallels In Access: Gamification, Open-source, Interfaces And Virtual Reality

    1-1 Advanced Graphics

    1-2 Computer vision & Applications

    1-3 Gamification Techniques & Applications

    1-4 Open-source & Accessibility

    1-5 Virtual and Augmented Reality

    1-6 Projection Mapping

  • 2. Parallels In Algorithms: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence And Distributed Computing

    2-1 Distributed computing &Data mining

    2-2 Cloud computing

    2-3 Agent based methods

    2-4 Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence

    2-5 High-performance computing

    2-6 Heterogeneous architecture systems

  • 3. Parallels In Advanced Fabrication: Large Scale Additive Manufacturing

    3-1 Large Scale Additive Manufacturing.

    3-2 Advanced fabrication

    3-3 Robotic fabrication

    3-4 Generative design

    3-5 Construction automation and tectonics

  • 4. Parallels In Big Data: Digital Theory And New Sciences

    4-1 Digital Theory and New Sciences.

    4-2 Digital theory in architecture

    4-3 History of architecture and computational design

    4-4 Data-driven computation

    4-5 Big data

    4-6 New sciences of simulation and optimization.

  • 5. Parallels In Urbanism: Parametric Design, Theory And Urbanism

    5-1 Parametric urbanism

    5-2 Parametric design

    5-3 Urban Theories

    5-4 Urban analysis & Simulations

    5-5 Sustainable urbanism

    5-6 Smart &Future cities

  • 6. Parallels In Construction: Materiality And Context

    6-1 Materiality and Context

    6-2 Sustainable design

    6-3 Cities & theories

    6-4 Construction

    6-5 Heritage conservation & management


All accepted papers of the Parallelism in Architecture, Engineering & Computing Techniques(4th PACT) after the peer-review process will be either published as chapters in the Book Series “Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation” (ASTI) by Springer or in The International Journal of Academic Research Community Publication (ARChive) online by IEREK Press.


The ASTI Book Series by Springer is by highly professional members of an International Editorial Board to ensure a high-quality publication material to be eventually published online and printable.

The ASTI Book Series is indexed Scopus and will be submitted for indexation in Web of Science (ISI) and  EI-Compendex databases. 


Important Note:

To publish your research in the online Journal or Book by 'Springer' and provide it with world-wide visibility, authors must submit an extended version of their short papers that are 8 -12 pages long. 

If you are not sure whether you or one of your co-authors will be able to attend the conference, you should bear in mind that there is a fee to be paid for Audiences (Co-authors, Learners, and Interests). The accepted paper will not be included in the conference proceedings without paying the fee (see Conference Fees for more details). A research paper fee allows only one author, whether main or co-author, to attend the conference and receive only one copy of the conference abstract book in both hard and soft copies. Extras can be requested for a fee shown below.

Important Dates
Title Date
Abstract Submissions Deadline 13 Apr 2022
Last Notification for Abstract Acceptance 13 May 2022
Full Paper Submission Deadline 12 Jul 2022
Last Notification for Full-Paper Acceptance 11 Aug 2022
Early Payment Deadline 12 Jul 2022
Regular Payment Deadline 11 Aug 2022
Late Payment Deadline 10 Sep 2022
Letter of Visa (for delegates who need visa entry) 11 Aug 2022
Letter of Final Acceptance 11 Aug 2022
Conference Program 10 Sep 2022
Conference Launch 10 Oct 2022
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  • Internationally Accredited Certificate:The participants are granted internationally recognized certificates which will be added to their certificates of experience or could be presented to the official authorities concerned.

  • Publication: The conference proceedings will be published by one of IEREK Press' Journals, either in "Resourceedings" or "ARChive". High-quality manuscripts, based on scientific committee evaluation, will get the chance to be published either in Environmental Sciences & Sustainable Development (ESSD) by IEREK Press or as a book chapter in the ASTI book series by "Springer".

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Moreover, all conference papers are archived online in the E-Library of IEREK‘s website where they are immediately and permanently available to the international scientific community.

Author's Instructions

Short Papers

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Extended Papers 
- Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, results, and conclusions of the work to be described in the final paper.

- After you have received the acceptance of your abstract, please continue to write your full paper with the requested template (please download from the link provided below).


Final acceptance will be based on the full-length paper. For publication, the accepted papers must be presented at the conference.

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- English will be the official language.

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Conference Fees

A. Physical Attendance

*ID must be shown
*Affiliation must be provided
*Affiliation must be provided
Early Bird 300 € 350 € 400 € 12 Jul 2022
Regular Payment 350 € 400 € 500 € 11 Aug 2022
Co-author/ Audience
Regular Payment 150 € 200 € 250 € 11 Aug 2022
  • The registration fee does not cover accommodation expenses. A list of accommodation options can only be suggested by our team if available. Contact [email protected] to inquire.
  • The fee covers:
    • The conference Kit inclusive of: a printed abstracts book, a softcopy of the abstracts book on a USB/CD, Conference notebook, IEREK pen, Conference Flyers/ Printouts.
    • IEREK Participation/ Contribution Certificate
    • Preliminary Acceptance Letters
    • Consideration for publishing in the IEREK ASTI series by Springer or IEREK Press
    • Lunches and Coffee Breaks
  • If multiple abstracts by the same first author submitted to the conference, a 25% discount is applied to each additional submission.
  • Each research paper should have one main author who should pay the full fee (Author fees) regardless of attendance. Co-authors, each, have their own fees to pay.
  • A research paper fee allows only one author, whether main or co-author, to attend the conference and receive only one copy of the conference Abstract book in both hard and soft copies. Extras can be requested for an additional fee.
  • Professionals are categorized as participants who are not affiliated with universities such as practitioners, policymakers, entrepreneurs etc.

B. Online Attendance

*ID must be shown
*Affiliation must be provided
*Affiliation must be provided
Regular Payment 200 € 250 € 250 € 11 Aug 2022
Co-author/ Audience
Regular Payment 50 € 50 € 50 € 11 Aug 2022
  • Authors who cannot attend the conference in person can:
    • Virtually present their work (Table B) above.
    • Record their presentations by providing a voice-over PowerPoint and send it to [email protected].
    • Nominate one of their co-authors, or a single external individual, to present on their behalf.

C. Extra Fees

*Authors may request that their kits be delivered, for an additional fee decided by the courier, and upon request. Alternatively, authors located in Egypt can pick them up from Cairo/ Alexandria office.

Additional Conference Kit (Excluding Delivery) *Contact us for a quotation on shipping fees. EUR 100

Payment Terms and Guidelines:

  • Authors who have registered and completed payment for virtual attendance CAN request a change to physical attendance. However, a change from physical to virtual is NOT possible.
  • After online registration and payment, the registration fee cannot be reimbursed.
  • Final Acceptance/ rejection of your full/ extended paper can only be given after the peer review process.­­
  • Inclusion in the conference program, acceptance letters issuance and consideration for publication must be preceded by registration and payment completion.
  • Payment of the registration fee can be made via the following methods (only after online registration):
    • Bank transfer
    • Online payment gateway
    • Cash in IEREK branches
  • Contact our Financial Department for inquiries/ requests.
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